iDominium Corporation not only values its partnerships with the clients, but it also sees the great benefits of partnering with other solution providers in the industry. Offering quality IT products developed by other companies to the clients is an important cornerstone of service and product offerings from iDominium.


Our Partners
Microsoft Corporation: We have been Microsoft partners since 2006.
Cisco Corporation: Providing industry leading network hardware and software.
Salesforce: Providing CRM and ERP solutions from Salesforce.
Viewpoint: Industry leading construction-specific ERP software.


Management Consulting

Best minds in the business: we can help you achieve the right size, the right technology, and the right management for your organization

Application Design and Development

Proven methodology to develop and deploy custom applications on time and on budget

Desktop Support

Supporting organizations of all sizes with full and part time onsite and remote support with the highest customer satisfaction


Specializing in Windows server infrastructure architecture, design, deployment, optimization and support